Windsor reading programme

How often do you hear yourself saying my children don’t read enough!

The Windsor Reading Programme uses a great resource from a Global Leader in Literacy – Scholastic Literacy Pro for ages 5/6 and above.

Why Parents Love Literacy Pro

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Visible Growth

Literacy Pro begins with a quick online assessment to measure reading comprehension. They receive a Lexile score which is used to identify the right books to maximize their reading growth.

Create Lifelong Readers  

Literacy Pro delivers a motivating reading experience for every child by matching them with books that they can and will want to read.  Personalized reading lists and incentives create an irresistible momentum for independent reading.

A Library in Your Home  

Literacy Pro Library is a corresponding eBook program that provides an engaging independent reading experience for all ages and abilities.  Your child will have unlimited access to 1000 high quality fiction and non-fiction eBooks like Maze Runner and Goosebumps. It includes multiple support options such as optional narration, clickable vocabulary, and more.

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Introducing the Lexile Scale

The Lexile Framework was designed as a measurement system specifically for English in such a way that learners and reading materials could be placed in the same scale – The Lexile Scale

Why is it important to be able to measure reading proficiency levels?

When learners are provided with texts that are appropriate for their reading proficiency levels, they exhibit higher levels of understanding of what they read.Research has shown a positive correlation between reading proficiency and the amount of time reading that students engage in throughout their instructional years.

“When learners comprehend what they read, they may learn more.”

“Learners read targeted English texts, the more likely they will sharpen their English reading skills”

What does the Lexile scale measure?

The Lexile Scale measures both the learners reading ability and the text complexity of a book on the same scale.

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