Teacher Development Interactive

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What is TDI? Teacher Development Interactive is a certified, online professional development course for English language teachers. It offers instruction in current English language teaching (ELT) methods and practices. Taught by world-renowned language instruction experts, the course is available anytime, anywhere. The course is organized in modules by topic: Reading, Listening, Speaking, Fundamentals of ELT, Teaching Young Learners, Preparing for the Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT).

Participants may study independently, or work online with a facilitator. There is also a blended option, which deepens and expands teachers’ knowledge of the content introduced in the TDI online course through additional materials and interactive face-to-face activities.

More information can be found at http://product.pearsonelt.com/tdi/

Who is it for? Primary, Secondary and HE institutions, PLSs, government education departments who

  • Want their teachers to build a strong foundation in English language teaching.
  • Want to ensure the high standard of their teaching by offering staff quality, certified professional development.
  • Need a more flexible alternative to site-based face-to-face PD, so that teachers can more easily fit their PD time into their busy daily schedules.
  • TDI is suitable for already qualified teachers wishing to expand their foundational knowledge in English language learning and teaching. It is not suitable for teachers needing a formal English language teaching qualification that is independently accredited.

What makes TDI great?

  • Learn from the experts: Each module includes content and video by leading ELT experts including David Nunan, Jeremy Harmer, Jack Richards and Douglas Brown.
  • Teachers can learn in their own time, at their own pace: you can complete each module on your own time, at your own pace from anywhere you have access to the internet.
  • Certificate of completion by a leading ELT institute in New York, Hunter College.
  • Delivery options to suit your institution’s needs: online self-study, online facilitated, blended.
  • Customise according to your needs: Choose which modules you want to take, in which order according to the needs of your institution or individual teachers.


  • On completion of 4 of the 6 TDI modules at a grade of 75% or higher for each module, students will receive a First TEFL Certificate issued by the ELT Institute, Hunter College.
  • Hunter College is a reputable higher education institution based in New York, USA, and is part of City University of New York.


When you sign up you will also receive as part of the package the following text books.